Barrington Hills Police Department

Blackboard Connect

Blackboard Connect is the service utilized by the Village to deliver time-sensitive mass notifications to residents. It makes it possible for officials to reach the entire community within just a matter of minutes.

The service allows you to customize how you will receive alerts based on the contact information you enter. Choose from phone, e-mail, or text message (SMS) notifications.

Past alerts have included:

  • Serious crimes
  • Missing Children
  • Road closures
  • Investigative updates (when appropriate)

Community alerts are intended to provide timely, relevant, public safety information.  Therefore, in most cases, an immediate alert for a non-violent property crime (such as a burglary) may not be warranted.  For example, a burglary that occurred sometime within the past week with no known offender information does not carry the same level of urgency (for community notification) as a burglary that just occurred, and the offender left the scene running through the back yards.  The latter crime would likely warrant an alert as soon as possible; whereas the prior may receive an informational alert at a later time.

The Police Department welcomes and encourages you to sign up for this service so that you may stay informed, prepared, and connected.  Click on the image to the right to sign up today!

If you choose to sign up for Blackboard using the MyConnect phone app, please note you will need to use the search term Village to locate the Village of Barrington Hills, as a search for Barrington or Hills will return as No Results.

Screenshot of the Blackboard My Connect phone app's Institutions tab