Barrington Hills Police Department

Knox Box Information

A knox box system is a high security key box system designed to give emergency services immediate access to locked buildings, properties and other secured areas. Installation of a knox box will not only provide faster access in case of an emergency, but will also prevent expensive forcible entry should emergency services be required to enter the premise while it is unoccupied. Knox boxes are mounted on the outside of a building or gate and locked inside the box are necessary keys to gain entry to the building, property, or gate. Only a master key, which emergency personnel have access to, can open this box.

Fire departments handle installing these boxes. If you are interested in installing a knox box, please contact the appropriate fire protection district that you live in.

  • Algonquin Fire Protection District
  • Barrington-Countryside Fire Protection District
  • Carpentersville Fire Protection District
  • East Dundee Fire Protection District
  • Fox River Grove Fire Protection District